National Playing Card Collection Day 2020 Pandora's Box Gilded Destruction

by Seasons


The 2020 National Playing Card Collection Day Deck features the theme of HINDSIGHT, based around the tragedies of classic Greek mythology that have seemingly bled into our world today, turning fiction into fact. The stories relate to the tragic opening of Pandora's box.

Each deck is a transforming enclosure that expands into a larger temple to reveal a classical golden frieze wrapping each side. Trapped within the box is the spirit of Destruction with "spirit windows" to gain a glimpse of the gilding within. Sealing each box is a large and purposeful warning, Intaglio engraved, telling you not to open the box. To open the box would mean to ignore and slice through the warning.

The cards feature fully custom fresco-style painted courts made to feel as if they were discovered from ancient ruins. The backs of each card features beautiful foil colored textiles (based on actual Roman patterns) that breed authenticity into the story.

Deck features:

  • Gorgeous foiling on both front and back of cards
  • Handcrafted Intaglio engraved expanding temple box
  • Intaglio engraved box seal
  • Ocean blue gilding
  • Each deck is individually numbered out of 666