Devil's in the Details Sinful Silver Playing Cards

by Riffle Shuffle


In life, things are rarely what they seem. Sometimes the most common thing has its hidden details, and the more you try to look, the less clear things might appear. That is exactly the philosophy this new deck is built upon.

What are "hidden detail playing cards" you may ask? They are playing cards that utilize their artworks to hide a secret message or symbols in plain sight, it takes a unique perspective to reveal the hidden details.


  • Hidden artwork and fully customized design with over 1 year of making.
  • 34 unique forms of devil outline hidden in the details of the mesmerizing artwork.
  • Gold/Silver and white hot foil stamp with precision embossing on the tuck case.
  • Inner tuck case with sophisticated gold/silver hot foil stamp artwork.
  • Housed in a pure black premium 300gsm matte finish tuck case - sturdy & elegant.
  • Limited to 2666 decks each with custom foiled number seal.
  • Cards printed by Taiwan Playing Card Company with their luxury paper stock.
  • Tuck case made in the US by Gambler Warehouse.
  • Cards printed using metallic silver and gold ink to complement the detailed designs.