DreamHack Qualifier - Sealed: Ravnica Remastered (3/23)

by BAM Cards


TIME: 3/23/24 @ 11:00 AM

Join us at BAM for a Dreamhack Qualifier for Sealed Ravnica Remastered! First 32 participants to register will receive a special promo. Top 8 will receive a promo. First place will receive a foil promo and advance to the next event. Prizes out in store credit.

Please register as early as possible, as we will be preregistering your pools. If you are unable to register early, we will be charging $70 for registration the day of.

Event Schedule:

11:00 AM Start Time - Quick Intro Followed by Deck Building
12:00 PM Swiss Rounds Start
4:00-6:00pm Finish Swiss Rounds Followed by Cut to Top 8

For more details visit this link: