Florentia Nova Playing Cards

by Elettra Deganello


The Italian city of Florence needs no presentation: it is a synonym for art, history and timeless beauty.

Passione Playing Cards is proud to present to you Florentia, the project of custom playing cards celebrating the birthplace of the Renaissance - passionately designed by Elettra Deganello.

Florentia Antica ("antica" means 'ancient' in Italian) and Florentia Nova ("nova" translates to 'new') represent two different visions on the same concept: to overwhelm collectors and playing cards lovers with a notable abundance of breathtaking art, history and beauty... just like the city of Florence does with its visitors.

"Florentia Nova instead was born as a free and dynamic artistic expression, without constraints or fear of the contrasts between ancient (or classical) and modern."

The back design combines a clean geometric basis with dynamic elements. Its beating heart is the coat of arms of the Medici family, which is supported by two cherubs and surrounded both by a dancing ribbon and a laurel leaves frame.

The Jokers of Florentia Nova are Leonardo Da Vinci - he needs no introduction: a 360 degrees genius in many fields - and the "Porcellino" (Italian "piglet"). This figure is the main subject of THE Florence fountain par excellence, which is linked to good fortune according to a special popular tradition that will be soon presented in our project updates.

Main decks: Antica (purple foil on the box + gold metallic ink touches inside), Nova (holographic foil on the box + yellow neon ink touches inside) and Aeterna(limited edition containing all 55+55 cards from both decks). Printed by USPCC.

Fully custom and totally different back design, court cards, Aces and Jokers - for a total of 36 meticulously hand-drawn figures.

Extra deck: Florentia Player's Edition, designed for full playability and printed by USPCC, with semi-custom courts.