Green Gatorback

by David Blaine


NOTE: All decks ship in a deck sleeve and in a cardboard box to insure a safe arrival to its destination.


This is the first time that the US Playing Card Company has printed a deck with metallic green ink backs and metallic faces to match. The black on black foil stamped tuck case is embossed both on the inside and the outside, leaving no detail uncovered. The custom Gatorback seal is a throw-back to the playing card tax stamps that were required between 1862-1965, issued by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the same authority that designs US currency. The seal ensures that the cards have not been tampered with and help retain the deck's value for collectors. The card stock, embossing pressure, printing press type, and direction of cut were all carefully chosen with no expense spared. All of these details are not just details, they make the deck. 

The Gatorbacks are the result of an accumulation of several years worth of ideas, both in design and function, by David Blaine and Mark Stutzman. For magicians there are valuable hidden features built into the deck that we will leave for you to discover. The cards also come in the Tamariz stack with the Ace of Spades at the face.  Designed uncompromisingly for performance and style, the Gatorbacks are destined to be sought after for years to come.