Jin and Tonic Playing Cards


$12.00 $15.00

We believe the essence of any visual performance is spreading Happiness. While being stupified by magic, amazed by cardistry, or savoring that well-crafted cocktail - for that split second, we can forget about the mundane reality. We can feel joy. We feel happy. And that - is truly magical.

We wanted to create a deck to constantly remind us of this. We strived to create an everyday carry deck that was simple. And practical. But also beautiful. And elegant.

We introduce the Jin & Tonic Playing Cards.

The Jin & Tonic represents not a particular drink, but rather symbolizes the essence of magic. The cocktail gracefully captures its nature: They are visually appealing. They are captivating. And every cocktail is different, like how every trick is different. Each new glass and each new performance is a unique experience. They all tell their very own stories.

And an experience is never fully experienced until shared with another. Where is magic without an audience to perform for? Where is cardistry without a community to show to? And where is the joy of enjoying a cocktail without a friend to share with?

The real magic happens in sharing the happiness with others.

This is why we created a deck themed after a cocktail. We believe in spreading happiness and sharing them with others. So I invite you to share a drink with me. A glass of Happiness. A glass of experience. A glass, of Jin & Tonic.

As an everyday carry deck, the quality of the cards is of utmost importance. The Jin & Tonic Playing Cards will be printed by the world-renowned United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) in their highest quality standard possible.

The Jin & Tonic Playing Cards will be printed on the premium crushed Casino Grade Bee stock for

  • Unmatched durability
  • Enhanced longevity
  • Healthy snap
  • Resilience to "clicks"
  • Feeling broken in right out of the box

They will also be coated with the legendary Air-Cushion finish for

  • Buttery smooth handling
  • Creating beautiful spreads and fans
  • Perfect for cardistry and magic