Modern Idols (Fear) Playing Cards

by Third Way Industries


"Be careful. The world is a dangerous place."Modern Idols is a series by Thirdway Industries, based on the beliefs of the modern age. It includes all the most popular deities we'll worship nowadays: Money, Love, Friendship, Work ... but also video games, internet and fitness.It's crazy and colorful, but with a very deep story to tell: the Idols are under the aegis of two last Gods: Hope and Fear.If you are worried about the future, always trying to prevent potential problems, you're probably a worshiper of Fear.In terms of colors, Modern Idols is spectacular: there are a lot of different neon inks combined with pure silver metallic ink. The cards will be reflective under direct light and fluorescent under black light.Printed by USPCC3 neon + 1 pure silver metallic ink on cards3 neon + 1 pure silver metallic ink on boxEvery Court is a different Fear Idol