Mono-heXa Chroma (Numbered Seal) Playing Cards

by Luke Wadey

$11.50 $16.00

Note: You will not receive the deck pictured.  You will receive a different numbered seal . Sorry :(.

This fresh approach to a workers deck combines modern cardistry-inspired patterns with luxurious metallic purple Pantone colors. As a special edition release in the mono series, there were only 924 decks printed and each one has a numbered seal (or you can grab one of the EVEN MORE RARE Mono-heXa Chroma NO SEALS Playing Cards that are limited to just 300 decks).

Mono-heXa Chroma Playing Cards take the wild aesthetics of Mono-heXa Playing Cards and refines them into an elegant deck that redefines what a deck of cards for magic tricks can be. Simply put, it's a deck of cardistry playing cards with a brilliant magic twist.

The iconic full bleed and gradients has been replaced with thin metallic borders. The tuck case has also been transformed into an understated design where the metallic ink creates a solid block of reflective and beautifully minimalist luxury.

Each deck is printed by the USPCC on traditionally-cut premium bee stock with an air-cushion finish for ultimate handling. Among the included 56 customized cards are 2 jokers, a double-backer and a special gaff card.

Traditional face colors of red and black suits have been introduced, whilst the metallic ink pops on the modified courts. The deck features reveals on the tuck and included gaff card to give your card magic routines a lovely boost.

Combining cardistry and magic in a contemporary and unique style, this limited edition deck of cards redefines what materials a modern card magic worker can have at their disposal.

Available with a numbered seal or a "no seal" version.