Mystery Deck SLEEV 30-pack

by BAM Playing Cards


BAM's very own Mystery deck SLEEV!  A perfect fit for most standard decks from manufacturers such as USPCC, EPCC, Cartamundi, and others.

Each deck sleeve is made from PET plastic and features a protective wrapping along the outside to protect it while in transit. Each deck SLEEV has been printed in white and then red to ensure that it is as opaque as possible. These SLEEVs are permanently red, even after the protective film has been removed.

While there are countless applications for this, the main purpose for this SLEEV is to revolutionize the process of fulfilling Mystery Decks. Our SLEEV's opaque red design conceals the identity of the decks inside while also protecting them. Using these SLEEVs saves time and money and makes shipping a breeze compared to bags.

These sleeves are ideal if you have boring tucks that you don't want your friends to see you with.  They are discreet, if you know what we mean!