VIN Prototype

by Hanson Chien


NOTE: All decks ship in a deck sleeve and in a cardboard box to insure a safe arrival to its destination.


The concept of the deck is influenced by recent fashion trends, especially of cardists. I've noticed that playing cards have been part of the lifestyle of cardists. Since we bring decks outside on a daily basis and practice cardistry, it's natural to call for decks that match our outfits. I credit everyone worldwide for the inspiration since they are great at integrating playing cards into their lifestyles.


So, the deck is called Prototype Playing Cards - where did the name come from?

Actually, when I was designing the box, I wanted a logo on the box but hadn't come up with a name yet. So, I put "Prototype" initially to see what the box might look like. However, once the box arrived, I happened to like how the word "Prototype" looked on the box.

Well, I think prototype is a pretty important concept in cardistry anyways. I believe that every creator has experienced the tragedy of "never coming up with the closer." You may try creating all different versions of moves but you are never really satisfied with the structure of the move as a whole. I call all of those incomplete bits of ideas "prototypes". Most cardists spend the majority of their time creating moves while the rest is for brushing up on ideas or learning other people's moves. So, when you are using this deck, you will most likely be creating "prototypes" for most of the time. I hope that you will bring these cards around and create countless prototypes, until you finally finish the move.


The back design consists of black and white stripes with two vertical white strips and two horizontal black strips. The stripe makes parallel motions stand out, so it's perfect for packet cuts. I also added small dots on the corners to accentuate fans and spreads. To keep the color consistent with the concept, Hearts and Diamonds are black but arranged slightly differently to distinguish them from Spades and Clubs. The design is rather sporty but works fine with street style as well.