6/11/22 - D&D One Shot Club - In Scarlet Flames, The Hidden Page - AFR Crossover Adventure

by BAM Cards


TIME: 6/11/22 @ 3:30pm


A lone mage roams the land. He is a visitor from another world. He has come to the Sword Coast in pursuit of legends and lore, in the footsteps of others who came here long ago. He is called Tyreus, though few here know him by name. His explorations caught the attention of the Red Wizards of Thay, who dispatched a pair of their own wizards to find the roving mage. These searchers—Morwena and her apprentice, Malivar—tracked the wizard to the High Moors east of the Sword Coast. They surmised that their quarry was looking for a site of great arcane power. To find their way through the High Moors and stay on Tyreus’s trail, the Red Wizards hired local mercenaries to guide them, led by a former bandit called Lothar.

When the Red Wizards drew close to their target at a site colloquially called the Wizard’s Barrow, Lothar and his mercenaries abandoned the whole enterprise out of fear. They fled back to the village of Secomber, on the edge of the High Moors, where they tell anyone who will listen that bad things are afoot out at the Wizard’s Barrow now. “Wizards hunting wizards can lead to no good,” Lothar says. You’ll begin in a tavern, hearing Lothar’s tale, and perhaps you’ll be convinced to go on your own wizard hunting quest.

This is an adventure for 8th-level characters. If you want to make your own character beforehand, any published Wizards of the Coast 5e character options are fine; Point Buy or Standard Array is preferred for ability score generation. There will also be Magic the Gathering-based (Chandra, Kaya, Liliana, Narset, & Yanggu + Mowu) pre-made characters available if you would like to just come and play!

DM Eugene will lead you on this adventure. Email him at etriordan@gmail.com if you have any questions, comments, or concerns before we begin!