Pop Camo Gilded

by Riffle Shuffle


NOTE: All decks ship in a deck sleeve and in a cardboard box to insure a safe arrival to its destination.

Limited to 200 - Numbered Seal

What is POP CAMO? Simply said, this set of cards pays tribute to the 60’s pop-art movement, which challenges the traditional design with blocks of simple colors and symbols. Skateboards, vinyl, and disposable cameras, POP CAMO celebrates a free, fun, mischievous and daring lifestyle, all in one box.

After many revisions, our designers finally managed to get the disorderly camo print in order. Cut the deck and discover even more details! These cards are not only a great addition to your collection, but also a true pleasure to play with.

Say goodbye to the dull khaki camo though, POP CAMO is all about bold colors and striking designs. Enter the fresh and fun play zone!

You’ve probably already gotten used to seeing the box logo on T-shirts. This time we bring it to you printed right on the front of the box. POP CAMO lets you discover various trends of pop-culture as you go through the deck. Discover 12 cute and fun characters on the sides of the box and look for even more inside! POP CAMO brings a unique laid-back vibe of a modern city.

POP CAMO Playing Card are printed by United States Playing Card Company, AIR CUSHION Finish with the legendary BEE-CRUSHED Technology. LIMITED EDITION OF 2500Decks. Designed by TIA ZHANG, a Toronto Based Artist who is passionate about modern art and pop culture. 

2019 Release