Sirocco Weathered

by Riffle Shuffle


NOTE: All decks ship in a deck sleeve and in a cardboard box to insure a safe arrival to its destination.

LIMITED EDITION: Only 1500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted. Custom numbered seal.

Sirocco is informed by classical themes and a Mediterranean aesthetic, but rendered in contemporary mono line style, which makes it all the more timeless and unforgettable. There are two editions: Sirocco Modern Edition and Sirocco Weathered Limited Edition.

Sirocco Weathered Edition has been completely redrawn with an innovative new method of digital texturing that promises to produce the most realistic wear and tear out there. Speaking of which, you've never seen a box with stock quite like this. The "color ravine" paper is durable and highly textured to give it an impasto effect that brings to mind the stucco and stone views of enduring Greek, French, and Italian shorelines.

This Weathered Edition is also unique, most prominently on the back, where the four gods of the ordinal winds (NW, NE, SW, SE) respectively push, challenge, guide, and welcome your seafaring vessel. Because, for "weathering" the storm, you deserve a little extra!

  • Limited edition of 1500 with number seal
  • Manufactured by Cartamundi with True B9 linen finish
  • New slimline paper stock
  • Completely customized