Snackers V3 (Sealed Bag)

by OPC

NOTE: Buy 6 or more of this product and a matching brick box will be provided. All decks ship in a deck sleeve and in a cardboard box to insure a safe arrival to its destination.

Snackers Blueberry Flavor has fallen from the sky! We have discovered so much about this extraterrestrial form of life! For instance, they like Blueberry Bagels! All jokes aside we are very excited to bring you Snackers V3! We stayed true to our past Snackers with our simplistic mirrored-back design and bright fun colours! The courts are just as fun as any other OPC deck with each one doing something Blueberry-related. These cards are also printed by USPCC on crushed premium stock! Perfect for Magic, Cardistry, and family game night! The alien ships only beamed down 4500 decks so get yours before they come back!

We have also made some improvements on this version compared to the last! The first and biggest improvement, THE SMELL WON’T KNOCK YOU OUT! We have gone back to using perfume and not oil for our scented bags! There is also a fun Half Brick box option to keep all of your bags in! 

This deck is the 6th deck in our passport program and y’all know what that means… People who have been around since Carvers now have COMPLETE PASSPORTS! Updates on what to do and when with these passports will come soon! If you have missed any of these launches DON’T PANIC! The passport program will be continuing with the next decks, so you can still fill your passport! Orders of 11 or less decks will receive one passport and 1 holographic seal and orders of 12 or more decks will receive 2 passports and 2 holographic seals!