The Sandwich Series (Luncheon Meat) Playing Cards

by DeckIdea


This Sandwich is a series of decks that celebrates one of the most quincentennial dishes of all time. The DesignJason (Founder of Deckidea) being a foodie wanted to combine his love of Sandwiches and playing cards. He used that as a concept, and 100+ hours of work later, "The Sandwich Series" was born.Features of "The Sandwich Series" include Stylish illustration for Sandwich lovers & card collectors Printed by Cartamundi (Cartamundi TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH with SlimLine paper stock.)3 ingredients (colorways)Fulfillment partner Gambler's Warehouse (US)Face Design: Aces are dishes made from the ingredients and the court cards are of a chef cooking.Pips: Each of the pips is custom-designed.Back Design: The back designs are the ingredients of a good breakfast sandwich.Joker Design: The Jokers are of a different stage of the ingredients, perfect for a quick fun sleight of hand magic trick. (Works wonderfully when combine it with the back design.)